Liftinsight is a strategic supplier that helps universal lift companies to achieve healthy and future-proof operations. In a market that is becoming more competitive and impersonal, we provide companies with insight into their maintenance file. We do this with sensor technology: a free software package called Liftmanager® and a universally applicable lease sensor (Liftboxs®) that further unpacks the possibilities of this software package. By knowing exactly when a lift requires maintenance, we save customers valuable time. The time gain that we create translates into a better return or a stronger competitive position. And a lower environmental impact.

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Vision & mission

In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive and impersonal, Liftinsight helps (universal) lift companies to achieve better returns or a stronger competitive position. Liftinsight reduces unnecessary overhaul time and increases the margin for lifts that really need the attention of the engineer. By doing this, we again focus on craftsmanship. Out of traffic, to the engine room. Because lifts that receive the attention they need have less call-backs. Not only for engineers and property owners, but also for everyone who uses them. We thereby contribute to less environmental impact (fewer miles), higher employee satisfaction (busy with your profession, less frustration in traffic) and higher customer satisfaction (fewer visits and disruptions). In this way we contribute to almost all strategic goals set by a modern elevator company.

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Our team

Liftinzicht is a management organization. That means that almost all developments are outsourced to partners. We manage these parties with a small but super powerful team. Our direction team consists of;

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