Liftinsight team

We are the liftboys from Rotterdam We are a new generation of data-driven ‘game changers’, with a typical ‘Rotterdam Make It Happen’ mentality, and we certainly don’t shy away from disruption. Based on the belief that we genuinely need to change our approach to money, people and the environment, and that tech is the key to doing so.

We are a managing organisation. Which means that almost all developments are outsourced to partners. We manage these parties with a small but highly powerful team. Our managing team consists of:

Alderik Bos, CEO

Alderik Bos (1969) founded a small local lift maintenance company with two partners in 1998; Liftservice Rijnmond. Within three years, the company grew to almost one hundred employees. After selling his shares in 2001, Alderik started his own consultancy firm, Liftintermediair. This firm provided support to customers in the lift business. 

Alderik sold this firm in 2018 to start his long-cherished desire to digitise the paper lift book. That dream became reality when he attached his first functional big data-driven sensor to a lift, and was able to begin counting trips.

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Arno Voogt, Productmanager

Arno is a commercial technical organiser. Due to the diversity of his various employers, he has been able to develop on a variety of levels, technically and economically. As a result he is capable of recognising the big picture and keeping an eye on details. He has always shown interest in organisation and processes, which explains his interest in ICT, IoT and the versatility and innovation of technology.

He is excited about the concept of Liftinsight with IoT sensors and applications that together offer a total solution for smarter lift maintenance. Liftinsight provides a full service and has top products that Arno fully supports and believes in. He would be happy to explain how everything works.

Marcel Mazier, Productowner

Marcel has been in the lift industry since 1991. Marcel was fascinated by developments in the industry from the very start. He is always looking for new ideas and innovations to improve the industry.

Marcel launched his career at the largest lift manufacturer in the Netherlands (Starlift, later Kone) and in 1998 he started working as a modernisation project manager at a startup universal lift maintenance company. As project manager he was responsible for the management of small to very large modernisations to lift installations. In 2005 Marcel founded his own brand-independent lift maintenance company, offering his services in the field of maintenance, repair and modernisation. After selling his shares in 2019, he joined Liftinsight in the position of Product Owner. This is in keeping with his passion for innovation and helping customers modernise their processes.

Through his experience in the lift industry, Marcel is able to translate the needs of customers (lift maintenance companies) to our big data solutions with the Liftboxs sensors and Liftmanager® dashboard. Marcel is driven to help lift maintenance companies increase efficiency and improve their position.