Mitsubishi Elevator Europe

"Within Mitsubishi Elevator Europe, developments regarding smart elevator management and smart maintenance receive a lot of attention.

For this we prefer to work with specialized partners who can help us in achieving our goals. Liftinsight is one of our partners with whom we collaborate.

The solution from Liftinsight has developed strongly in a short time with an app, lift manager portal and a sensor for the car. The progressive insight of these developments will help us to organize the maintenance of our lifts in a smart way.

We will continue to work closely together in the future to test and implement the latest innovations in elevator management and maintenance.”

- Bram Paul, Process Developer


"Astralift is an independent elevator company, one of the largest in the Netherlands.

Our customers do business with Astralift because we are independent and that means we use components that are free on the market. As a result, the lifts can be maintained by anyone and that is a good solution for many customers.

An elevator is a complex system and can be twenty, thirty years old and connecting something so old to the internet is a challenge. And to connect them to one system is also a challenge so we looked for a solution.

We came into contact with Liftinsight and they presented us with a suitable solution. We really like that because this system can be installed on any elevator. We can now connect every elevator in our portfolio to the internet and receive data and information."

Martijn van Gilst, owner of Astralift