Liftmanager certificate

Liftmanager has been certified by Liftinstituut, an experienced Notified Body (NoBo) and Accredited Elevator/Escalator Certification Organization (AECO) from The Netherlands. Liftinstituut helps manufacturers of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways with their product certification. Liftinstituut grants Liftinsight a certificate of approval for all traditional liftbook functions in the online application Liftmanager, for legal usage all over Europe. A unique event. The Liftinstituut has never certified an online app. And for the first time there is now a digital liftbook that demonstrably meets the requirements set by legislation and regulations.


A liftbook is mandatory for every lift. Now that traditional liftbook is usually just an old-fashioned paper version. It is updated with a pen. For many building owners, administrators, consultants and elevator maintenance companies, it would be much more effective and efficient if this liftbook could simply be consulted online. And it would be even better if the liftbook contained much more information from other systems of the lift maintenance company and / or the inspection body.

Certification of the liftbook guarantees safety

The law places all kinds of requirements on the liftbook. Especially in terms of reliability. Now that the world of elevator maintenance is going to digitize, reliability and transparency are also needed in the field of data issues. The Liftinstituut certificate for the digital lift book of Liftinsight is a breakthrough because it proves objectively and guarantees that all laws and regulations are met. Secure storage of data, protection against hacking, transparency in architecture, guarantee of rights when selling a building, or change of maintenance company and storage of faults, inspections, modifications and accidents.

Scope of the certificate

The certification concerns the liftbook functions, and specifically, the register of maintenance, malfunctions, inspections, modifications and accidents in the application Liftmanager®, to which the legislation sets requirements. The other matters have remained outside the scope.

If you like to download the certificate please click this link.